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Parking Lot WiFi
Minot Public School has setup two locations for parking lot (near the building) WiFi. MPS enabled drive-up Internet access in the west parking lot of Perkett Elementary School and in the parking lot near the entrance of Duane Carlson Stadium. Our network name “MPS-Public” has a password of publicwireless. If you use the parking lot WiFi, you must practice social distancing and keep 6 feet from others.
School News
Please check your students school website as they may have information specific to their school such as schedules or daily bulletins.

You can access school websites by navigating to "Schools" from the main district page at

Chromebook Return

2 days ago

Due to the COVID19 and ND Smart Restart guidelines, we are collecting Chromebooks in one location to keep everyone safe and healthy. At this time Chromebooks will not be collected at a school building. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Chromebooks that need to be returned may be brought to the Annex located at 628 17th Ave SE, Minot, ND 58701 Door #1, (in the parking lot behind Washington Elementary) between 10:00 A.M. and 2:00 P.M. Tuesday and Thursday.

For those who have a school-issued Chromebook checked out, please fill out Chromebook Checkout/Return for the Summer Form to let us know your intentions are to return the Chromebook.

School Contact Information
Bel Air: (701) 857-4590
Bell: (701) 420-1880
Dakota: (701) 727-3310
Edison: (701) 857-4595
John Hoeven: (701) 418-1600
Lewis and Clark: (701) 857-4665
Longfellow: (701) 857-4610
McKinley: (701) 857-4615
North Plains: (701) 727-3320
Perkett: (701) 857-4680
Roosevelt: (701) 857-4685
Sunnyside: (701) 857-4690
Washington: (701) 857-4695

Middle School:
Erik Ramstad: (701) 857-4466
Jim Hill: (701) 857-4477
Memorial: (701) 727-3300

High School:
Central Campus: (701) 857-4660
Magic City Campus: (701) 857-4500
Souris River Alternative: (701) 857-4496
Secondary School Contacts

Magic City Campus


Principal: Dr. Scott Faul
Asst. Principal: Dave McQueen
Asst. Principal: Weylin Wahlstrom
Kristi Schindler
Cliff Davis
Jennifer Lunde

Souris River Campus


Principal: Brian Aufforth
Counselor: Jancy Brisson

Central Campus


Principal: Harlan Johnson
Asst. Principal: Chuck Kranz
Asst. Principal: Bill Cox
Tami Spiros
Kari Halverson
Heidi Roberts

Erik Ramstad


Principal: Bryn Iverson
Asst. Principal: Travis Smith
Asst. Principal: Laura McCann
Counselors Annette Stach
Stacey Eskelson

Jim Hill


Principal: Mike Arlien
Asst. Principal: Nathan Freeman
Asst. Principal: Laura McCann
Jana Fjeldahl”
Tara Sundahl



Principal: Dr. Stephen Young
Counselor: Jade Boster