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Recently the MPS App was removed from the app stores. You will find when accessing the app that it is no longer supported. The app was last updated in 2015.

Common uses of the app include the links to the Lunch Calendars and rSchool Activities Calendar that can be found on our District Webpage under the link District.

MPS Website updates

about 1 month ago

A few changes to the website

Minot Public Schools website got a few changes over the summer. The website is best viewed in Google Chrome. Here is a quick list of where some common links to resources can now be found.

Top Links

A new list of top links:

  • District: You will find About Our District, School Board & Policies, Digital Backpack, visitor information, and Calendars.
  • Parents: Formerly Parent Portal, this will house resources for parents.
  • Students: Student resource page.
  • Departments: list of departments.
  • Schools: a list of schools.
  • Employees: MPS Staff Resources are found here.

MPS News

Looking for information about district happenings, check out the MPS News on the District webpage.