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District Profile

over 2 years ago

Dear Parents and Patrons,

Every year the Minot Public School District, in cooperation with the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction, publishes an annual progress report on student achievement called the School District Profile. This profile is now available for your review. I encourage you to access and study this important information. This report demonstrates the progress our students are making in terms of our challenging academic standards.

You may access the School District Profile for the Minot Public School District on the Department of Public Instruction's website.  Simply select the Minot Public School District and the most recent year to access the various reports available. If you prefer, the staff at your local school or our central office will assist you and provide a printed copy to review.

The annual School District Profile summarizes how well our students performed this past year in reading/English language arts and mathematics on the North Dakota State Assessment and on other academic indicators. The annual School District Profile presents the percentage of students who have achieved proficiency in reading/language arts and mathematics. The Profile also provides our student attendance rates and graduation rates. The Profile reviews the achievement of all students and of specific subgroups of students. Additionally, the Profile compares our student results over two years to those of the State as a whole.

The School District Profile for the Minot Public School District is an important summary of how well our students are progressing in their basic academic skills. I encourage all parents and patrons to familiarize themselves with this information. Providing a quality education for our students is everyone's concern. In order for us to improve, we must begin with an understanding of how well our students are performing. We should all take pride in the support we collectively provide our students. Together, I am confident that we will build on our successes to improve and further raise the quality of education within the Minot Public School District. I thank you for your continued commitment to building a strong education system here in Minot.

Tracey Lawson, Assistant Superintendent

Open Enrollment

over 3 years ago

Adopted: January 7, 2002                                                                                                                                           
School District Code: 918
Revised: December 2, 2010
Revised: July 12, 2012

The Minot School District will not participate in Open Enrollment except in the following circumstances. 

The child is military dependent and will attend school on the Base.

If the family moves out of the Minot Public School District, the child may finish the semester with Minot Public Schools. A tuition waiver must be signed by the resident district. If the student of the family moving out of the Minot Public School District is a senior, he or she may finish high school and graduate from Minot Public Schools. Note, siblings of students who opt to finish high school under this provision are not eligible to open enroll into the Minot Public Schools.

Services Available

15 days ago

Our office has a number of responsibilities in support of our students. The services available include:

Home Education

Home Education is assisting parents of home education students in ensuring compliance with North Dakota Century Code, including statement of intent forms, monitoring, and testing requirements.

Title I Services

Title I services is a supplementary educational service for students who have learning difficulties in reading or math.

Homebound Services

Homebound is a temporary tutoring service available to students who can't attend school due to medical concerns. It is not intended to provide services for students who have short-term illness. Contact your school counselor for more information.

North Dakota Assessment

Coordinating the annual student assessment process.

Adequate Yearly Progress Reporting

Coordinating communication of AYP status to schools and district AYP status to parents.

Consolidated Application for Federal Title Programs

Completing the application for funds for federal funds for Title I, and Title IIA.

Supervision of Elementary Principals

Supervision and evaluation of personnel employed by Minot Public Schools as elementary school principals.

To learn more, contact: 
Mrs. Tracey Lawson, Assistant Superintendent 701-857-4456