Business Education

Middle School :

  • Scott DeLorme
  • Sandra Larson
  • Sue Packulak

High School:

  • Ben Berg
  • Monica Effertz
  • Dr. Sandra Lambert
  • Eric Pearson
  • Lisa Wolf

The vision of Business Education in North Dakota is to assist students in applying business concepts and advancing technologies to their personal lives, other academic areas, and future careers in order to become competitive and productive citizens in a global society. Mission We believe Business Education:

  • Focuses on the outcomes that reflect the knowledge, attitudes, and skills that students need to be productive consumers, workers, and citizens.
  • Provides leadership, expertise, and training for the transition from school to work, as well as technology and practices used in business.
  • Provides meaningful and necessary applied learning experiences to meet the needs of students of all ages, ability levels, and learning styles.
  • Articulates curriculum to ensure continuous achievement of defined outcomes that are integrated throughout the school curriculum to complement the total development of the student.
  • Evolves programs to meet the needs of societal changes.