• Cassie Vetter
2018 ND Director's Award of Excellence
2018 ND Director's Award of Excellence in Marketing

Marketing Education prepares students for the retail, finance, marketing, and management career fields.


The mission of Marketing Education is to enable students to understand and apply marketing, management, and entrepreneurial principles; to make rational economic decisions; and to exhibit social responsibility in a global economy.


Marketing Education should:

  • Encourage students to think critically.
  • Stress the integration of and articulation with academics.
  • Be sequenced so that broad-based understandings and skills provide a foundation to support advanced study of marketing.
  • Enable students to acquire broad understandings of and skills in marketing so that they can transfer their skills and knowledge between and among industries.
  • Enable students to understand and use technology to perform marketing activities.
  • Stress the importance of interpersonal skills in diverse societies.
  • Foster a realistic understanding of work.
  • Foster an understanding and appreciation of business ethics.
  • Utilize a variety of types of interactions with the business community.