Technology and Engineering

Middle School:

  • Byron Borgen
  • Lance Gehring
  • Kevin White

High School:

  • Byron Borgen
  • Mike Frank
  • Gabe Rauschenberger

Technology & Engineering Education has evolved as technology has advanced. During the industrial era of the 20th century, it was taught in the schools as Industrial Arts, reflecting the industrial society. As advancements have catapulted us into a faster moving, more highly sophisticated, technological society, Technology & Engineering Education has made curriculum adjustments that reflect these changes.


Technology & Engineering Education is about:

  • Innovation!
  • How people think.
  • How to apply technology in solutions of problems facing society.
  • How to solve problems and create opportunities within a realistic context.
  • Using ingenuity with tools, materials, processes and resources to create solutions and opportunities for all.
  • Nature of learning going from the very early years of just "knowing" to more developed applications that relate Engineering, Assessment, Innovations and Technological Systems.
  • A dynamic subject in our schools that is as fast moving and as up-to-date as the thinking of technology in our society.
  • Future workforce thinking!