Submit Your Flyer

6 months ago

Minot Public Schools recognizes the role of the community organizations that serve youth. Our Digital Backpack program provides opportunities for local organizations to share their program information with students in our district. All materials to be distributed must be pre-approved through the District Office. Individual schools will not process requests.

Requests will be reviewed on the basis of the Minot Public School’s Distribution of Materials policy (912). The Minot Public Schools will cooperate with agencies in the distribution of materials within the schools if the material is of substantial benefit to the students and their parents and is appropriate to the mission of the schools.

The Digital Backpack program is a venue for local community organizations to post electronic flyers weekly. Organizations wishing to post information, must submit a completed Digital Backpack application along with a PDF of the flyer/information. Flyers need to include the following information: sponsoring organization name or logo, type of youth activity, dates of educational/athletic activity, grade level, and contact information to register and for further information.

Flyers will be reviewed, approved and posted within one week of making application.  

Flyers will be posted on the website and organized by last one submitted. After the event occurs or lessons have started, the flyer will be removed.

    Minot Public Schools neither endorses nor sponsors these organizations, their missions or their policies. If you have questions regarding these programs, please contact the organizations directly.